When sending out your gauges...

2014 and newer touring models

2004 to 2013 Touring Bikes

Please make payment when you ship. I do not have a CC machine, CC/Debit cards need to go through the website. I also accept USPS money orders, please make them out too Jim Frederick. I can also write invoices that can be paid via CC/Debit card or PayPal, invoices are sent via email from my PayPal.


Any questions feel free to call me, Jim Frederick GaugeModZ (810) 488-2409

By filling out this form, or sending in your gauges you agree to the GaugeModZ warranty

This form is what I go off of when choosing your led colors and not the colors you chose at checkout. So please make sure this form is you final color choice when filling it out. If you happen to change your mine on what colors you want please call me.

The form is now filled out online and then printed/emailed. So please take time to fill out this form and send it to me.

No printer? Please email this pdf to me at jim@gaugemodz.com.